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Providing proof of your language proficiency is an important step in obtaining a visa so

that you can work abroad. Language skills are key to career success, and are considered a

valuable asset in addition to all the other requirements of any job. If you are a work

visa applicant, you must achieve either ‘competent’ English or ‘vocational’ English

language skills, meaning you will have to be prepared for more than basic conversational


In the UK, applicants must score at least 6.5 on each of the four components of the test

(Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing).
For working in Australia, a test score of 5 is considered to be ’vocational English’

level. A band score of 6 means that the applicant is a ’competent English’ speaker.
In New Zealand, work permit applicants must gain an overall band score of 4 or higher in

the IELTS General or Academic module. They may also provide additional evidence of their

English language abilities, such as information about countries they have lived in, their

current country of residence or their family’s knowledge of English.
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want to apply to for the IELTS score requirements. Employers and educational institutions

generally set their own language requirements.
In all these countries, you should take in consideration that minimum score requirements

vary depending on your chosen occupation. For some professions, applicants must achieve a

minimum of 6 in each of the testing modules, whereas for teachers, for example, a minimum

score of 7 is required.

IELTS for immigration
Government agencies use the IELTS exam as part their applications processes to obtain

citizenship or the right to permanent residence.