Seek for Dell Inspiron webcam driver

  • Hi everybody.

    I own a Dell Inspiron N7010 17,3" laptop with an integrated 1,3 MP webcam. The vendor and product ID is 0c45:6480 (claimed to be a Microdia [???], a Sonix [maybe], or a Creative [dunno]; so I'm confused what to say). My OS to date is Win 7 Ultimate x64.

    Problem is that I couldn't find ANY dedicated driver for this hardware on the Dell support site, or somewhere else. Not even in your extensive driver database, where I've found 2 Inspiron models, but neighter has that webcam. Or I dunno if it's just me who can't figure out this...

    There is a generic driver installed by Windows with mostly basic functions, but I am very unhappy with it, because it is very choppy. How can i found an appropriate driver for my webcam, please? Any advise, or help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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