Execution error with the DRP Su x32-64 package

  • Hi this might be strange for my first post but I feel I need to report this... I dled the said package above and tried running it. I got an error and when I tried to debug it, I got stuck with the en.js file. I tried using the old en.js file from SU 9 and managed to make it run somewhat. It ran but there were a lot of missing features.

    Then I had an idea and downloaded the DRP SU Mini. I dled the mini and extracted it and overwritten everything except the drp folder in the 32-64 package. Now it runs.

    I guess the 32-64 package have bad binaries or whatever you call them.

    As for a log, I can't provide any because it was a script error and I feel the program could not execute to the point where it could generate reports.

    P.S. I used google translate to navigate through this site.


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