Words from the World for Artur Kuzyakov

  • Thank you for a very excellent program !!! I know that most programs are the result of a team, however someone had to start the process, so I address my thanks directly to you (and your team !) I've upgraded/repaired at least two hundred PCs using Driver Pack Solution 11+12 (approximately ten months ?) and both versions have worked extremely well. I've observed almost no crashes and zero BSODs during that period. I can appreciate the value of DPS, because I used to have DriverPacks stand-alone driver installer on all of my Windows installation discs. DriverPacks stand-alone installer's brute-force method would take at least an hour (usually much more.) On the other hand, DPS usually takes only ten to fifteen minutes (depending on the PC and version of Windows.) Most excellent !!!

    Besides whatever bugs that are corrected with the next version, I would ask that you consider including one minor feature: adding an INI file, to configure DPS for knowledgeable users. It's not a big deal, but I always choose Expert Mode, disable OEM branding, and disable the Driver Updater. OEM branding and the Driver Updater are completely incompatible with using DPS in a corporate environment.

    Good luck and thanks again....

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