file rt25u98.sys not found in 7z WLAN in winXP

  • Hello, unable to install my usb wifi device in windows XP SP3 with drp 12.3
    7zip package are up to date from (DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_1202.7z)
    In detail :
    file not found : rt25u98.sys in drp\DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_1202\drp\D\W\R\ when i try to install my wifi usb in drpsu ( HWGUSB2-54 : "Hercule Wireless G" : USB2 USB\VID_06F8&PID_E000 ) in winXP SP3. drpsu 12.3 try to install this device, (windows XP driver device manager) ask me where is rt25u98.sys , i don't find it (file is not present in 7z archive drp. This file is a driver for win98 (apparently, info found on google) : install fail about this file not found.

    2 solutions proposed : include it in 7z OR remove all session in .inf files about win98 driver installation(inf file is damaged?).
    3st solution : install directly from hercule website : (drv + tool) and it work ! We can get all hercule drivers from here (to include it in drp and fix problem?) : . i think the best is to include real good driver (3st solution?) directly in 7z package to fix it.

    i use WinXP on packard bell M2N-NVM 0301 -- Sempron 3000+ -- 1GB RAM

    thank to fix package driver about missing file and upstream this resolved bug to .

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