helps to modify the program

  • Hello,
    I work in a computer repair company (in Portugal) and I want to change the program package of drivers pack.
    I'd like to get help from someone with knowledge of how to do it.
    I do not know Java and need someone to help me in this project.

    Programs i want to include in PT Language:

    Adobe Reader
    Google Chrome
    VideoLan (VLC Media Player)
    Flash Player
    Shockwave Player
    DScaler5008 MPEG2
    Windows Live Messenger 9
    . NET Framework 2.0
    Dicionario PT PT Openoffice
    Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013
    Kaspersky I.S. in 2013
    Microsoft Security Essentials

    Is there anybody willing to help me?

    Thank you!

    I am willing to help with the translation program for Portuguese (PT-PT).
    The translation of existing PT-BR is very bad ...

    It would also be nice to see features insert the battery status. For example Portable Battery Care program.

    There is also a good tool to repair the internet, called Cintrep (complete internet repair) tool. It would be good to insert these features or this tool in this program.

    I have a program that performs several self tests the computer, which serves to check on the repair order if everything is working and not missed anything. I'm willing to divulge to embed this functionality in the program if they wish.

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