Driver needed for Chinese make 3-in-1 USB pen camera

  • Hi,
    I have a USB 3-in-1 pen camera which can also be used as web camera, digital camera and video camera. The picture of the camera is added for info. The camera is chinese make and has just UAS marked on it. The printed board inside says HE-501. I tried downloading driver for HE-501 but the end result is zero. The device Id in device manager says the device as USB\Vid_093a&Pid_010e&Rev_0100 and when inserted into the USB port it is identified as dual-mode digital camera. The device came with a cd and was working fine but due to damage to the CD i am unable to use it. If any one can send me the device driver from the CD if possible I will be greatful.

    ![](c:\3-in1 pencamera.jpg)

    Thanks you in advance

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