Nice tool. Some small suggestions....

  • Hi

    Thanks for developing this super tool. Works quite well.

    A couple of minor things:

    The post new thread button on the english forums is in russian while everything else is in english.

    On start up is it possible for the tool to compare the existing indexes with the driver archives and remove those indexes which don't have a matching driver archive file. I guess a simple file check is all that is needed. So for example if I update the Bashrat driver archives and delete the old archives, when drp starts it drops the old indexes. Right now I think I have to run an 'index all' to clean things up (or manually delete the indexes). Thus only the new archives have to be indexed (which drp is detecting automatically).

    Is there a way to remove any microsoft drivers from the 'Installed drivers (unknown)' list or put them in a new list called maybe 'Installed drivers (Microsoft). Most of the drivers in the Installed Drivers (unknown) list are Microsoft default drivers. I think it is cleaner this way and would make it easier to identify which drivers are missing from the driverpacks.

    Not really important but displaying the cpu temperatures seems to be a little un-related for this application, no?

    I have ATI drivers installed for an ati graphics card and also ultravnc+mirror driver. The Graphics item on the main page displays the vnc mirror driver instead of the ati driver. Is it possible to filter the vnc mirror driver as it is not relevant? Maybe some kind of generic filtering of drivers, like a blacklist?

    Although I understand the need to fund the development of the tool (or whatever) it seems a little odd that the tool doesn't ask the user if they want to change the start page but just goes ahead and does it by default. Grrr.... It would be better to just politely ask then there would be no need for people to do this:

    Let me know if any of this is useful or if I can help with testing.

    Thanks again, great tool

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