Davison-machinery High Frequency Welding accept to be careful

  • If so, accumulate the DC broken from the HF oscillator and, davison-machinery.com High Frequency PVC Welding Machine with adeptness off, afresh visually audit the low- and high-voltage sections of the adeptness supply.

    Once the beheld assay is performed and no affliction is found, activate diagnosing the adeptness supply. Alpha at the b+ clarify adjustment and plan adjoin the admission AC line. Afterwards disconnecting the ascribe to the filter, animate the adeptness accession and actuate if a accountability will annals with the clarify out of the circuit, blockage to see if the capacitors or adamant aggregate asphyxiate of the clarify adjustment are breaking down beneath load.

    The action is to abstract anniversary breadth of the adeptness accession until the adulterated basal is found. Afterwards the clarify inspection, abstract the rectifier stacks, the bowl transformer, and assuredly the SCRs.

    Solid-State Welders

    Although their use is increasing, HF solid-state welders accept a downside because of their adolescence compared to exhaustion tube welders, which accept been about for about 40 years.

    Even if a exhaustion tube welder is 20 years old and its architect is no best in business, that welder can be maintained by a abiding adversary because of the accepted operational attributes of all exhaustion tube welders.

    With solid-state welders, however, barter accept to be careful. Manufacturers do not consistently accept the adeptness to analyze competitors' accessories because of the altered technologies of solid-state welders on the market.

    davison-machinery.com High Frequency Welding has the aforementioned four aloft accoutrement as a exhaustion tube welder, except that an inverter breadth replaces the oscillator.

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