Cnsuperpower Log Splitter can not meet the lawn sowing needs

    1. rake with plowing over the land, the soil loose and flatness Log Splitter can not meet the lawn sowing needs, need to use rake to further smooth. Rake with a disc rake, nail rake, power rake and so on. Disc harrow presses heavy and rake diameter sub-heavy disc harrow, medium disc harrow and light disc rake. Different disc rakes can be used as needed. The main role of the toothed rake is to loosen the surface soil, till the ground, remove the weeds and cover the seeds after sowing. The nail rake consists of a nail, a rake and a hook mechanism. The nails are fixed to the gears, depending on their different shapes, such as round, triangular and square. Square section teeth easy to fix, work stability, the most widely used Triangular section teeth for rake, but also for the lawn of the rake grass operations. The round section is suitable for seeding after sowing and rapping in addition to weeds. Power ground rake to the tractor power output shaft drive operating device for homework.

    2. The soil of the repressor is repelled by the repressor after raking and seed sowing, so that the soil is flat and the seeds are in contact with the soil. Conducive to soil moisture rise, accelerate seed germination. The press has two types of plane-pressing roller and ring-shaped ripple. Most of the plane-pressing rolls are steel-welded hollow rolls ranging in diameter from 0.4 to 1.0 m. Repression width of 1.2 ~ 2.7m, the general pressure roller traction by the tractor operation. If you increase the weight of the roller can be installed in the drum water, sand and so on. Increased repression of the roller is mainly used for the movement of the lawn of the crack control management.(2) farming machinery

    Refers to the soil can be turned up, destroy the original soil structure of the machinery, such as plow plow, rotary tiller, ripper and so on.

    1. The plow plowing plow mainly has a plowed plow, which draws a double-plowed plow, flips a plow and so on. In this way, the flaring plow can flip the earth mattress, greatly improve the adaptability of the soil preparation machinery. Use 180 ° flip plow. The main role of the plow is to plow the soil and cover the weeds.

    2. Rotary cultivator Rotary tillage machine has good crushed soil and clay performance, the fertilizer and soil mixing ability, but the coverage of weeds than the plow, and shallow tillage, energy consumption. The rotary tiller Log Splitter has a hand-held rotary tiller and a tractor-driven rotary tiller. Hand-held rotary tiller generally use 1.6 ~ 5.3kW single-cylinder, air-cooled engine as the driving force, the maximum width of 1m. Hand-held rotary tiller for a small area of ??rotary tillage, a large area of ??rotary tillage or traction rotary tiller.

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