• It’s 9am in a greasy spoon in Willesden Junction and I am being grilled by Louis Theroux. In a moment of unbridled honesty, I mistakenly divulged that I am hungover after an engagement party the night before (my own). His eyes light up like a schoolboy’s. What time did I get to bed? How many drinks did I have? What exactly was I drinking? “Go on, tell me,” Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale he goads in his unassuming yet devastatingly disarming manner.“Good. Good,” is his response, as it all comes proverbially pouring out, “we’ve all done it.” Indeed we have, and why we do so is what interests him. His Ray Ban Sale latest BBC documentary, entitled Drinking to Oblivion, is the first to be filmed in the UK since he interviewed Max Clifford in 2002, and looks at alcohol abuse in Britain.It is certainly a sobering hour, which sees Cheap Ray Bans Theroux go in and out of a specialist liver centre at King’s College Hospital in south London, to explore the lives of those struggling with alcohol dependency and the people – friends, family and medical staff - Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses trying to make them better.We meet Pieter, 37, a civil engineer who was in remission until he consumed a litre and a half of vodka in response to his father’s death. Next comes Aurelie, 44, whose first www.wholesalescheapraybans.com drink was champagne, sipped in Paris age 14, but who now downs seven cans of K cider (8.4 per cent) a day in her Brixton flat and has acute cirrhosis (scarring of the liver). “It’s like going Ray Ban Outlet to war and you are not winning. It is not a life,” she says, dolefully.
    THE new Italia Independent store from Lapo Elkann on Rue du Four, Paris, is a laboratory of fashion modernity. You can order Cheap Ray Bans optician's eye glasses for 20/20 vision or you can invest in shades.A digital title lights up each section of sunglasses: I-metal thermic; I-thin metal. The lenses glow metallic blue and green gold, and the frames are either Ray Ban Sunglasses hard and metallic or plush felt. Prices range from €135-185.Carbon bracelets and a small selection of beachwear - unisex T-shirts or patterned swim shorts - complete the look. Summer glinting through the Paris rain.
    In Los Angeles, Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale where the sun shines nearly every day — and where it’s also socially acceptable to wear sunglasses at night — the right eyewear is vital. Here, some of our favorite sunglasses specialists in LA share their tips Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses for what’s been hot so far this summer, and what styles to jump Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet on for the rest of the season.

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