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  • Every foot takes a different path every morning. Some head right over to softly-carpeted corporate offices others trudge over rough surfaces. Will one type of shoe be enough for them all No, and that is why we invest a lot of time and effort to understand the needs of each different feet and make shoes that will be good for everyone. That, however, is easier said than done. At Warrior,Steel Toe Shoes, we have taken a keen interest in researching the needs of the population and used the information to design shoes that meet expectations of everyone. Let us take a glimpse of the market segments we serve with our products. Defense Personnel Army personnel have to stay on their feet for hours and that demands a rugged foot protection that is also comfortable. We are proud to be associated with numerous defense and civil law establishments in the nation. Our shoes are designed with the sectors needs in mind. The reinforced toes are made to withstand heavy physical drops and sharp objects on the ground. On top of that soldiers have the wear the footwear for several hours at end and that demands a certain amount of comfort in the footwear. Inclusion of soft insoles has solved that problem. Outdoor Industry Workers Professional in boardrooms and carpeted offices do not have to deal with risks of an uneven terrain. People who spend most of their time treading on slippery or jagged surfaces such as in construction zones and oil fields need shoes with specially designed soles which have better grip and more traction to prevent slips and trips from happening. Additionally, these professionals also need protection against chemical spills, water and oil exposure for an extended period will cause irreparable damage unless the material used is resilient to such damages. Our products are made to meet all expectations at the best price point. Civil defense and Security Personnel Apart from the brave armed forces, we depend on the services of several other brave personnel who stand guard at our gates and doors and ensure safety. Warrior caters to these professionals as well. Our product range includes shoes that facilitate long hours of use without fatigue. At Warrior,Composite Toe Boots, our safety shoes and boots are made to meet expectations of every wearer irrespective of their line of duty.

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