The Thread The machine is only a robot that will follow instructions as ordered

  • The Fabric The digitizer needs to be mindful of the push and pull factor of the fabric the design is ultimately to be sewn onto. The digitising embroidery professional will have to first separate sections for resizing, deciding stitching sequences, redrawing, applying shadow techniques, underlaying, overlaying, etc. The pattern and number of stitches need to be adjusted according to the strength or delicacy of the fabric. Known for reliability, highly competitive pricing and customer satisfaction, Powerstitch is a name to reckon with in the embroidery industry. Just as using a paint application does not make one an artist, similarly learning to open the digitising embroidery software does not make one a digitizer.

    Powerstitch Design Studio holds over 8 years of experience in the art of digitising embroidery. A thread, unlike paint, is three dimensional, which means the digitizer needs to have vision to understand the kind of thread and colors that will help bring out the artwork perfectly on fabric, as once the file is put to work there isn’t much one can do to salvage the situation.

    The Tools The tools in the digitising embroidery software kit are many, and only a trained professional knows how to make the most of them. A formula that is not only unique, but also quality checked for nothing less than absolute success. Though it may sound like an easy task, the reality is as disparate as chalk from cheese. While digitising embroidery for any kind of fabric, a thorough professional will always administer a quality check before handing over the files to ensure a seamless production run.

    The job of a digitising embroidery professional or digitizer is much like a scientist, who needs to understand the basic composition of all the elements involved and then come up with a formula through trial and error. and then reassemble the pieces for that perfect final fit.

    By definition, digitising embroidery essentially involves the transformation of an image into stitches using specialized software that can be read by embroidery machines for execution.
    Mention the word embroidery and the image that is most likely to come to mind is an old woman hunched over a frame working the thread and needle. Using the digitising embroidery software as his chemistry set, the digitizer needs to zero down on the best mix of threads and stitches possible, so that the end result is awe inspiring. The digitizer needs to know how to dissect an image and understand how various elements such as colors, sections and layers will interact together to evoke the same look and feel as the original artwork. Though manual embroidery still holds its charm; however, given the pace of commercialization, digitising embroidery has emerged as the new ally for anyone looking forward to immaculate designs on fabric in the shortest turnaround time possible. With its capability of recreating patterns to the tee on fabric and providing superior quality, Powerstitch has become one of the most reputable firms in the global market. There is a certain science involved in the process, which is explained below:

    The Thread The machine is only a robot that will follow instructions as ordered.

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