A visor light can be used as a solid state warning device

  • A visor light can be used as a solid state warning device that can provide intense beams of light both for warnings as well as for emergency operations. The far reaching penetrative beams of modern day visor lights offer excellent service to rescue and emergency teams. They are easy to mount, energy efficient -and cost efficient as well. Most visor lights come with built-in straps for mounting, that are easily adjustable. Velcro straps can be used in some cases.
    These lights can be mounted securely on all types of visors making them extremely effective for use in all emergency vehicles, whether they are cars, jeeps, SUVs or trucks. A visor light kit usually includes cigarette lighter plug, power cord and switches for selecting the patterns and turning them on or off.
    The lights can be mounted in a way as to align them with the bottom edge of visors. Depending on the sophistication and cost, these lights come with 3 a€ 12 or even more built-in flasher patterns. One can use single and alternating flash, double and quad flash, speed flash and random flash in various scenarios, depending upon the urgency of the situation. The modern visor light circuit is much more compact and comprises of dozens of super bright LEDs, so that there is more power packed into a lesser space. The lights are also very easy to install because of the adjustable straps and their compactness. They operate on a simple 10 a€ 30V DC source with a current below 1Amp in most cases. You can also go for visor lights with as many as 6 different color combinations offering plenty of versatility. In fact, the visor lights are also equipped with a non-volatile memory, which provides you the additional convenience of storing the last flash pattern that was used. Moreover, the circuit is safe and well protected from reverse polarity and voltage spikes. A high quality visor light usually comes with standard and strobe style flashing patterns.
    Selecting the required pattern is also very easy. If you are not comfortable with Velcro, hook and loop straps are also available with some visor lights to easily attach them with any visor. The lights also come in a rugged housing which offers 2 benefits. Firstly, the emitted heat is easily dissipated which keeps the whole circuit cool. Secondly, the housing is tough which offers excellent resiliency, allowing the use of visor lights even under harsh weather conditions.
    Colors like amber, blue, green, red and white combined with several selection patterns can provide the attention grabbing warning light beams that might be required. The visor light is small in size and comprises of 80 a€ 120 LEDs which are known for their long lasting lifespan, in excess of 50,000 hours. The LEDs and the whole circuit are vibration resistant which permits their use on speeding vehicles in case of emergencies. These lights mounted on the front end of a vehicle can help in identifying emergency vehicles including ambulances, fire engines and cop cars involved in a variety of operations.

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