Synthetic duvet fillings are more practical

  • Synthetic fillings

    Synthetic duvet fillings are more practical than natural fillings: wash these duvets at home in a normal domestic washing machine.

    Eurofeather: Eurofeathers act as a natural spring to offer support; they're one of the smallest, tightest-curled feathers.

    Silk: Silk duvets are light but offer as much warmth as heavier duvets.

    Feather: Feathers offer support and range in size from 9cm (3. Very often, synthetic fillings have antimicrobial and antibacterial chemicals that minimise allergies. These duvets contour to your body's shape and offer great support.

    Down: Down is the soft plumage on a bird's chest and belly.5") or shorter in length. Your natural-filled duvet can last up to 30 years; however, the number of times you wash the duvet will affect its lifespan.<br>
    Researchers are still trying to find out whether having a good night's sleep makes people happier.

    Wool: Wool traps air and keeps cold outside; it maintains our body temperature. Synthetic duvet technology is more advanced today and the duvets are excellent for winter.

    Uncrushable: These feathers offer ultra-firm support - their thickness and natural curve ensures they don't go flat. Polyester and polyester microfiber are two of the filling types most frequently used for duvets.

    Natural fillings

    Natural fillings make duvets breathable and increase their insulation: down contains small air pockets that keep cold air out and warm air in. Weave refers to how the fabric had been woven; it does not refer to the fabric itself. Add comfortable duvets, bed linen, featherbeds, pillows and then we're in seventh heaven. But we know the truth: there's nothing better than a well-deserved night's sleep. It conducts heat well and has 2- to 3 times the strength of cotton.

    Natural covers

    Cotton: Cotton comes in many guises; one of the more popular of which is Egyptian cotton, which is soft and luxurious. It also absorbs moisture.

    Linen: This textile is cool and fresh and is well suited to summer. Another reason to choose duvets with natural fillings is that they are an environmentally responsible choice.

    Microfeather: These feathers are highly curled and offer excellent support while you're sleeping.

    Fabric weaves

    The types of weaves are as varied as the types of duvet fillings: satin, oxford, jacquard, waffle weave and many more

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