Capture the speed and other aspects

  • Other attention has turned to the type of rail car that caused the crash: The 1000 series, the oldest in the system¹s fleet. Such trains have been deemed not "crash worthy" by the National Transportation Safety Board as that series do not crash safely, leaving little room for survivors.C. crash because of the usual delays of rush hour.

    Investigators will try to determine if the train was in manual or automatic mode and whether McMillan was able to engage the brakes before the impact. (The transit system has had problems with trains not pulling up to that line and opening its doors with cars still in train tunnels.The front car of that train hit with such force that it rose up into the air and landed on top of the rear car of the stopped train.

    All automatic trains run as long as the operator keeps her hand on what is known as a ³dead man¹s switch. "It is far worse than you can imagine, to see that type of damage to a vehicle."But the financially challenged transit system has not had the money, said Metro spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein. She had been a Metro employee since January 2007 but it was not immediately clear how long she had been operating trains."

    Authorities had not released the names of the dead passengers as they were still trying to identify them and notify their families. Rescuers pulled five bodies out Tuesday morning. Mayor Adrian Fenty. The 6-car train that was hit had been stopped to let another train ahead of load its passengers. "Everyone else got the signal," Catoe said. The speed limit in that stretch of track is 50 to 60 mph, and Catoe said the wreckage shows it was going fast.

    Authorities raised the death toll of Monday¹s fatal Metro train crash to nine on Tuesday morning as investigators began dismantling the crash scene to determine what caused one Red Line train to slam into another on a section of track in Northeast D.

    "We need to replace them," Catoe said. "It was a significant speed," he said."The transit agency was also told to equip those rail cars with data recorders that capture the speed and other aspects in case of a crash, she said. All the trains were using the automatic driving system as is standard during rush hour service, and were thus stopped.² When the switch isn¹t engaged, the acceleration of the train stops, but does not trigger the brakes, Catoe said. "They are 35 years old. Instead they will have to piece together other evidence.He added: "Once we determine the cause of this, whatever resources, whatever actions are necessary we will commit to fixing them.

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