Buying a used vehicle is a great way

  • Whether you're retiring, planning a college road trip, need a temporary housing solution, or you're just on the road a lot, buying yourself an RV or motor home may be one of the best moves you can make. With our aging population, many retirees or active middle-aged North Americans are finding that while they want to see more of the continent, "roughing it" has lost some of the appeal it might otherwise have had in the past. A Recreational Vehicle allows you to get out there and see the country, while taking all the convenience, luxuries, and creature comforts of home with you.

    If this describes you and you want to see America in comfort and style, you might consider a Class A, Class C, or 5th wheel trailer. Similarly, an RV makes for an excellent solution for those who live an itinerant lifestyle, whether by choice, necessity, or the nature of your work. Some people need the ability to stay mobile, but might stop for days, weeks, or months at a time in various cities or work sites. Miners and construction engineers are just one example of people who can fit this description. Building sites, television and film production companies, and traveling shows also make heavy use of trailers and motor homes for facilities, offices, and to accommodate their talent on set.

    Larger class motor homes are also ideal for these applications. Sometimes, circumstances may require that you find cheap accommodation for the short or medium term, and you may not be too sure of just where you'll find yourself a few years down the track. If you're building a house and you have a family to house in the mean time , or perhaps you're in the process of hunting down an apartment, a park model trailer home might be ideal for your needs. Some of these can be very spacious compared to other motor homes, and as they appear to be a normal room or transportable building, they can be configured for whatever your needs might be. If you're a younger American, the chances are there's an RV with your name on it somewhere too. You may want to do some camping with your young family with the affordability of a Class B camper van or folding camper, or maybe you're planning a college road trip in the comfort, style, and flair of a conversion van, either way, there's a motor home within your means at any good RV dealer.

    Buying a used vehicle is a great way to save money if budget is one of your concerns, and provided the vehicle is sound, you can get yourself a much better deal than you would buying new. Motor homes represent the modern compromise between simple camping, and expensive hotel bills or short-term rental. Trailer parking is invariably cheap compared to these alternatives, and affords you most of the freedoms of having your own place, as well as the flexibility of being able to drive off at a moment's notice. A caravan-style hitched trailer can add to this flexibility by allowing you to use your current car, SUV, or truck to tow your trailer, and if need be, temporarily detach it while you're staying in one place.

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