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  • As we've discussed, the most important element in the Blendtech campaign's success is its entertaining quality. People tuned into the videos because they wanted to see some guy demolish technology that hundreds of others were probably still waiting in the rain for. The commercials were short, exciting, funny and evocative.

    Now, there's an associated effect. Consider the reality of a blender: Is it really that entertaining? Are you actually going to use it to demolish your priciest electronics or devour your leftover garden rake? However, even if Blendtech's customers aren't going to do any of these things, they'll still think of them fondly when they use their blender to crush up some stubborn ice for a daiquiri.

    By putting out a good, entertaining video that goes viral, you're creating the implication that your brand is itself entertaining and creative. Your audience will want to see what comes next, will want to share their favorite moments with friends. Most of all, they'll want the thing that you're selling because it was so funny.

    So, while once again we must reiterate that nothing in the world can guarantee you viral video success, there is every reason to devote part of your marketing efforts to developing entertaining, informative videos that can capture the imaginations of your target audience. All it takes is one success to get your brand out there in proper fashion.

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