The school has teacher to give up halfway home

  • Posting people call WangDong, zhejiang medium institute English professional level students. 08" As a senior student cadres and he is 10 levels 02 English class assistant teacher in charge.WangDong posts, said on January 17 afternoon 3:57 received shaw qiao father's telephone, were told xiao qiao and home. January 19 and 21, xiao qiao schools and parents separately to hangzhou and hengyang both the police. Xiao qiao's dad hurried to hangzhou search, her mother remaining hengyang find.

    The school has teacher to give up halfway home, come back to school for someone.WangDong told reporters that xiao qiao has been missing for a month, and still no tidings. He hope to have more people can join in helping to search.On the way home strange missingThings go back to a month ago.On January 14, zhejiang institute of media on winter vacation.

    According to plan, 19-year-old shaw opportunely will take 16 6pm 50 points from hangzhou open the K759 train direct hometown hunan hengyang, prepare and family celebrating the Spring Festival. If a train not late, xiao qiao the next eight when 46 points reach balance ??? boy? ??� acid-catalyzed school ~ 4 hours of the long-distance bus, he can get back to home, eat on warm lunch.Before leaving, xiao qiao also sent a text to family, told the parents, "don't worry about me, would you please keep warm, great attention body.

    "However, according to shaw artful dad introduction, 16, home opportunely GuMo with shaw should board the train, they sent a text inquiries, but did not reply. Estimate the train is going to arrive, shaw artful mobile phone or disconnected. Later, cell phones are shut down.Learned, shaw artful bedroom has four roommate.

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