Typical homes and businesses rely on land connections

  • Making mobile bill payments has equally become easier, requiring just creating an account and wiring money to the account every month to clear bills. Similar is the advent of a contactless payment service also known as a touch and go system, which enables the owner to just fob their credit card, smart cards or other such devices over the reader when buying something and the payment gets done. A system that has made you free from carrying you thick pocket wallet and has made your mobile phone get loaded with an all in one function-ability of being used for bank card, membership card of any club, train tickets, driving license, your house keys, company's access control ID and so on.

    With facilities like cardless payments, the credit card owner with just the acquaintance of their telephone number anda pin number can now make payments without the use or presence of an actual card. Now, forget the hassles of carrying cash, credit cards or checks for you can simply make payments using your mobile and that too for not just one but a wide range of services and goods

    Typical homes and businesses rely on land connections, either through dial-up (telephone lines), DSL ("supercharged" telephone lines) or cable (coaxial cable). While these numbers sound small, you must remember that satellite systems are roughly ten times faster than the average cable or DSL modem. Military operations that are continually on the move, for example, would be hard pressed to remain tied down to a cable modem. National Guard troops who are at sea for extended lengths of time would be unable to make use of a traditional connection to the internet.

    It's for these people, and really anyone who would want to explore the possibility of Mobile Satellite, that would take advantage of the freedom that satellite internet access can offer.Ten years ago, satellite internet sounded like something right out of a science fiction movie. In order to set up the connection, you would need an area on or around your home that has a clear view of the south (towards the equator).

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