The flexo printing machines give high quality outputs

  • Flexography is popularly known as, flex printing’. is a technique of printing, in which design needed is first cut from a colored foil and then the flexible plates mounted on the printing cylinders press ink onto a continuous printable surface or substrate under high heat. It is a combination of letterpress and technology.
    In flex printing, flex is a flexible sheet or plate of polythene, which allows printing on almost any type of surface such as plastics, paper, metal, cloth, etc. Generally, a Digital Flex Printing Machine has a cylindrical fountain roll, ink-meter, plate cylinder and an impression cylinder. ink is used in Digital Flex Printing Machine. Flex printing is used to print outdoor hoardings, banners, etc. Uses of Printing: Printing is used for printing of various products and materials such as newspapers, wallpapers, posters, product packaging, etc. It is mostly used in printing and packaging industries.Advantages Of Flexo Printing: Versatility: Flexo Printing is versatile in the sense that the flexible sheet of Digital Flex Printing Machine allows printing on various absorbent and nonabsorbent surfaces or substrates of varied textures and thickness such as plastics, glass, metal, paper, etc. Speed: It is fast in printing and production due to the following reasons:The machine or printing setup time is less in comparison with lithographic or gravure printing machines. The Digital Flex Printing Machine has a strong rubber or photopolymer image carrier, which helps in making millions of impressions in few seconds. Low viscosity inks used in flex machines also speed up the printing process as the moment you get the output, the ink dries.Cost: It is cost efficient due to following two reasons:It is cheaper than lithographic and gravure printers. Fast outputs and cleanups help in saving time and reducing operating costs.
    High Quality: The flexo printing machines give high quality outputs. It gives a fine glossy shine in the print, as it does not get absorbed by the substrate. Time Saving: Flexo machines have inline ability to perform certain functions like coat, laminate, hot stamp, die cut, etc. This makes the production process faster and continuous. VR3 Enterprises is one of the topmost Manufacturers and Suppliers of fast, durable and high quality Digital Flex Printing Machines in Andhra Pradesh, India.
    The company is famous for its high-end Digital Printing Solutions, and Printing Services like Digital document printing, AutoCAD printing, designing and scanning. Its wide range of products includes Banner Machine, Flex Printing Machine, Jumbo Xerox Machine, and Multi Color Cloth Banner Machine. For more information about the company and its offerings, you can log on to

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