Several foods are consumed to usher in wealth

  • Chinese year is celebrated around world with significant Chinese populations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Macau and Indonesia. This meal is comparable to Christmas dinner in the West. A dish consisting of fish will appear on the tables of Chinese families. <a href="">Arched cabin</a> People like to have new cloths; color red is usually in all decorations. The origin of Chinese New Year is itself centuries old and gains significance because of several myths and traditions. Some people give their homes, doors and window-frames a new coat of red paint.

    The biggest event of any Chinese New Year's Eve is the dinner every family will have. It is for display for the New Year's Eve dinner.
    Chinese New Year falls on different dates according to lunar. Chinese New Year is one of great holidays within China, moreover, regional customs and traditions concerning the celebration of the Chinese new year vary widely. Family end night with firecrackers and early next morning, children will greet their parents by wishing them a healthy and happy new year, and receive money in red paper envelopes. Purchasing new clothing, shoes, and receiving a hair-cut also symbolize a fresh start. On the days before the New Year celebration Chinese families give their home a thorough cleaning.
    People like to spend money to buy food, material, food, decorations and clothing as celebrating Chinese New Year.Chinese New Year is the longest and most important festivity in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Several of the Chinese food names are homophones for words that also mean good things.

    Several foods are consumed to usher in wealth, happiness, and good fortune. Ancient Chinese New Year is a reflection on how the people behaved and what they believed in the most. People like to spend with families and celebrate dinners with pigs, ducks, chicken and sweet dishes

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