There are many reasons that an individual

  • There are many reasons that an individual may find that he or she has yellowing teeth. Genetics can play a large role. Children of parents will severely yellow teeth will likely face the same fate in the future.

    But, there are also many environmental factors that play a role. Food choice, oral hygiene and even the natural effects of aging add to the discoloration of teeth. Big coffee, soda, and tea drinkers, for instance, tend to find that their teeth turn yellowish faster than those who shy away from such beverages. Even fruits can cause this discoloration. Think about it this way- if it stains a piece of white paper, it is probably adding to the stains on your teeth.

    Tobacco is another big cause of tarnished teeth. It is bad for the gums and other soft tissue, anyway, so as always, it is suggested that tobacco is avoided.

    Aside from avoiding certain foods (and toxins), the best way to maintain bright whites is through proper oral hygiene. That means brushing and flossing to remove the stains and plaques that form on all surfaces of the tooth. Poor hygiene can easily result in poorly colored teeth and even the black and brown that result from decay.

    Finally, for some yellowing is inevitable. As we age, our teeth discolor slightly because our enamel wears down exposing the yellow under layer. Undergoing chemotherapy or taking certain prescription drugs can speed up this phenomenon.

    Methods to Renew the White

    If you are one of those millions of people wanting to reduce the effects of any one of these causes, then there are a number of different methods available to you to achieve the desired results. Products for home use can even be bought over the counter. Whitening toothpastes can remove staining, as can gel trays of strips which apply peroxide to the teeth for a specified amount of time. Used over a certain number of days or weeks, these products can produce worthwhile results.

    However, for a faster and more effective outcome, many individuals turn to the professionals. At the dentist's office, the patient receives trays of more concentrated gel, which contains higher levels of peroxide. Special lights are used to further activate the gel and in the period of half an hour to an hour, dramatic results are brought forth. It may take a few visits to reach the desired results depending on how bad the staining is.

    Considering the Expense

    It is not likely, even for those with dental insurance, that this procedure would be covered. However, whitening doesn't have to cost a fortune. At home products can cost as little as ten dollars (less for a tube of whitening toothpaste). However, for the more promising results of a procedure performed by the dentist, you might expect to spend in the neighborhood of five-hundred to one-thousand dollars.

    For those looking for better results without emptying the wallet, some dentists offer professional take-home whitening systems. These cost anywhere from one hundred to four hundred dollars and the results are better than over the counter versions, but not always as great as the in-office procedures.

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