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  • Emily Maynard as well as Jef Holm Engaged : People.org Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Emily Maynard's televised look for true love and a stepfather to be with her 7-year-old daughter Ricki ended with the season finale with the Bachelorette Sunday evening.After being courted through 25 men in the show's eighth season, north of manchester Carolina single mom simplified the field to two men: race car motorist Arie Luyendyk and entrepreneur Jef Holm,supra footwear.Emily, as their engagement to Bachelor Brad Womack ended last year, picked Jef. RELATED: Emily Maynard Blogs: 'Love Is Worth the Chaos'Joined by her family within Curacao, Emily, 26, extolled the benefits of each of your ex potential partners on Sunday's show.

    Her dad David gave each men his blessing to ask for his little girl's hand in marriage. Only one man Chemical Jef C proposed. As well as after a long pause Emily accepted. It was crystal clear after their final date in Curacao, including a seaside picnic with an afternoon swim night out with Ricki, that Emily could see her future together with Jef. The next day she revealed to host Bob Harrison that her emotions were strongest pertaining to Jef and that she did not want to go on another date with Arie. Chris encouraged her to tell the truth and upfront concerning her decision.Soon after Arie spent time working up a love potion using a local woman, Emily came, sniffling and teary-eyed. "What's wrong,Inches he asked. "You know how I felt in regards to you from our first night out," Emily said while Arie pulled back, bewildered he was about to be let down gently. "I never thought I'd have to make a choice in between you and anybody. It's my job to thought it would be me and you. I'm sorry."Arie sighed heavily. "I'm shocked," he explained. "I completely thought there were something."Disappointed and confused, Arie woke up and began to vanish. Emily followed after him, but it was clear he was hurt and wanted to go."Thank an individual for sparing me the particular embarrassment tomorrow,In . he said as he appreciated her one more time. "Good Good luck."As their car drove apart, Arie confessed, "I still believe she is the passion for my life. It's so distressing.

    I can't believe this is it.InchBut it was. Connected: Emily Maynard: 'I Found the Perfect Man'"I never in a million a long time thought I'd end up being so in love like me," Emily said because she awaited Jef's birth in anticipation of a marriage proposal.When he arrived, Emily instructed him that the prolonged road to the climax "was all worth it ,Moncler Outlet... Your are everything that I've searched for so long. I really do feel like you're my own soul mate. You are the best person for me. You receive me better than any person ever has. I really like you so,Burberry Clothes, so much."Emily then told Jef that he was the one man "that got to fulfill Ricki and I didn't perhaps go on a date together with Arie yesterday. He's not actually here today. It's only me and you.""That's incredible. That's the best thing That i've ever heard," Jef stated, beaming as he accepted her. "I feel like your luckiest man in the world," he said. "I believe it's so rare that individuals find the person that these are meant to be with.

    I do think it's so incredibly meant to be that you and I found each other like this right here and I'm so pleased that we did. I think God puts the proper people in our lives when the timing is just right.""I'm so deeply in love with you," he or she continued. "I promise anyone if you let me to you and Ricki's life you'll never feel lonely again."Before Jef got down on one leg, he looked into Emily's face and said, "I want you to know that what I'm about to inquire you aren't just vacant words that in certain weeks or a several months or a few years, or even a few decades will be missing. What I'm about to ask you is often a forever thing.InchesHe revealed a new Neil Lane ring and also asked, "Emily, will you wed me," The lady paused, soaked inside the moment, and then lightly replied, "Yes."Both embraced, kissed and told each other "I love you," before Ricki joined these in the courtyard.The three went away hand-in-hand, and Emily instructed Ricki, "We did it!"Emily Maynard: 'This Is the greatest Relationship I've Ever Been In'

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