That is, because more boys concentrate on sports

  • com. Already there, 61 percent of the student body is what we liked to call distaff.. Hence, even more girls qualify for college, thus fewer men's sports, and so on and on, until eventually only a handful of Renaissance men will be populating the few remaining male aluminum heat sink sports teams.

    That is, because more boys concentrate on sports, more girls do better academically, so more women get into college and so there are fewer men's teams with fewer positions for the boys devoting themselves to sports. It never made any sense that a volleyball player should earn a scholarship, while a piano player shouldn't. At that time, you see, 55 percent of college students were male. It is not the fault of girls that boys won't work hard in the classroom. However, it is really not healthy that, soon enough, most colleges will only have men's teams in football and basketball, maybe baseball.The current situation is fair. With the money saved from supporting many unqualified students, whole teams could be financed. Football is twice the problem. Basically, Title IX says schools must offer athletic programs in proportion with their gender population. It has no female analogue, and it is by far the costliest sport. Realistically, it is. First, except in the so-called revenue sports ? football and basketball ? get rid of athletic scholarships.

    Today, though, about 58 percent of college students are female.Moreover, because so many American boys devote themselves to sports, starting in grade school, working toward an athletic scholarship, neglecting classroom work, the problem can only increase.Or, get Congress to declare that football is legally in a different category. There are aluminum heat sink two simple solutions. Remove it from the Title IX equation, and once again young men could swim and run and jump and play tennis and lacrosse, just like young women.Another solution would be to get boys to study harder when they're growing up, but I don't have the foggiest idea how to do anything about that.While commencement time in college nears, so too another all-too familiar ceremony: Universities announcing what additional men's sports must be dropped to stay in compliance with Title IX. But them days are done gone for us fellas, 'cause we ain?t so good no more at book-learnin' as we was prone to be back yonder when the womenfolk wasn't set to go to no college. Among other things, this creates the strange situation where James Madison will have a women's track team, but not a men's.

    But that sort of thing is happening everywhere, and as the gender imbalance inexorably increases, so will the accelerated elimination of men's sports. End that inequity that gives special dispensation to sports over the arts.

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