We are ready for all that crosses the mind of the Israelis

  • <P>  Interim Force in Lebanon's spokesman said in some places the border fence runs south of the formal border, "in a more defensible line. The U.He said Israeli "threats won't scare or terrorize us and will not prevent us from carrying out our duty and bearing responsibility."

    With additional reporting by the Arabic News Service.The device, which the Israelis would not describe, was said to have helped the attackers get over the electronic fence and across a sand path that would otherwise bear footprints.""We are ready for all that crosses the mind of the Israelis," he said, adding that Palestinians should pursue martyrdom operations against the Israelis to tell Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, "Do whatever you want, but you will not break the will to resist or stop it.
    The Israelis crossed the border fence, and in a dry riverbed 164 yards (150 meters) from it found a hidden device that the militants used, the commander of the unit deployed along the border, Brigadier General Meir Kalifi said.However, the Israeli army said the trackers' commander spotted something unusual at one point.N.N."The army does not yet know which organization is responsible for the attack, but Foreign Minister Peres said there are increasing signs it was Hezbollah.Kalifi said the soldiers did not enter Lebanon, because the border fence runs south of the U.The Israelis had been unsure where the two gunmen came from because repeated searches along the border showed the fence was not breached."If Lebanon won't assert its authority (in the border area) then, at the end, Lebanon, too, would be declared a terror-supporting state," Peres said, according to his spokesman."Israel accuses us of backing and standing beside our people in Palestine -- whether this is right or not and whether it has been proven or not -- it is a great honor to us," Nasrallah said while speaking during a religious rally.Peres' media advisor, Yoram Dori, quoted him as having said Israel would use all means <A href="http://www.bhsbearings.com/product/high-speed-slide-bearings/slide-bearing-for-turbines.html">turbine bearing</A> to stop attacks and would like the European Union to declare Hezbollah a terrorist organization. They then entered Israel unnoticed and an aide in Lebanon removed the device, according to the military.).TEL AVIV, Israel, March 14 (UPI) -- The Israeli army said Thursday that militants who killed six people near its northern border, Tuesday, had come from Lebanon, and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres said that if Beirut does not assert its sovereignty along the border area, it may find itself branded a terror-supporting entity.-delineated borderline. In Beirut, Hezbollah chief Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah dismissed the Israeli accusations, but did not confirm whether his group was behind the attack

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