But I'm afraid that Lariviere is largely missing

  • According to a recent report by the Chronicle of Higher Education, more than 100 colleges in America are now charging over $50,000 a year for tuition, room and board -- and that list even includes one public school: the University of California aluminum extrusion at Berkeley.6 billion to fund the university -- half from taxpayer-secured bonds and half from an ambitious $800 million fundraising campaign.

    As P.Can you think of a business whose product has increased in price, often by 10 percent or more, year-over-year for decades? Meanwhile, that same product has consistently gotten worse. Of course you can't think of a business that was run so recklessly. But why would I -- or the vast majority of alumni whose politics are fairly centrist -- subsidize this?Lariviere's proposal seems predicated on the assumption that big public universities are fine as they are, they just need more money." That's still true at the University of Oregon, and that's not going to cut it. They don't get billion-dollar handouts.UO's journalism department sent me a mailer last year with a cover photo of a kid in class wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt in front of an Obama "Hope" poster. O'Rourke recently quipped, the typical American curriculum consists of "a smattering of Spanish, Fun With Numbers, Earth in the Balance, computer skills, Toni Morrison, safe sex, and multicultural studies.

    But I'm afraid that Lariviere is largely missing the forest for the trees. But in order to truly solve the problems of American higher education, the university as we know it -- expensive, impractical and politically radical -- needs to go out of business. Recognizing that Oregon, like many other state governments, is heavily in debt, Lariviere proposes creating a public-private endowment of $1. But that pretty much sums up what's happened in American aluminum pipe higher education, with its endless stream of public subsidies.com.4 million in its 30th year.

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