companies calling for this dramatic intervention that would disrupt

  • He is co-chair of Project 21 and an adjunct fellow with the National Center for Public Policy Research. workers — imposing massive new tariffs on foreign solar panels is unlikely to change that.S. Federal law requires companies the size of Suniva to give workers 60 days' notice before mass layoffs or plant closures. workers and consumers. companies and families — increasing solar system pricing up to 40 percent for large-scale utility projects, 30 percent for commercial projects and 20 percent for homeowners. At the time, the firm's president was David Leiter (a prominent fundraiser for Clinton) whose wife, Tamera Luzatto, had served as Clinton's Senate chief of staff.S. Export-Import Bank, which Heritage Action labeled "cronyism.S.The request for relief at the ITC came from Suniva, a solar cell manufacturer that was founded in the U. prison labor to help keep its costs down relative to its competitors. but is now majority owned by Shunfeng, a Chinese company.S.S. workers and taxpayers. for their own advantage.S.S.S.The fact is that even with government intervention and subsidies, the U..

    Nowhere is this more evident than a recently-launched investigation by the U. employees for how it handled mass aluminum tube layoffs in March. Maybe a little sunlight is needed so everyone can see what's going on here.

    These companies are just cynical enough to hope that "Putting America First" can be manipulated into to putting U.While Suniva showed loyalty to Clinton and her supporters, it has rarely done the same for its the Chinese-owned Suniva and the German-owned SolarWorld are the only companies calling for this dramatic intervention that would disrupt aluminum tube the U.

    You might imagine there was some irony when the Chinese-owned Suniva declared bankruptcy in April, citing heavily-subsidized, Chinese-made solar panels as a primary reason for its struggles. workers who are employed in solar sales and installation.

    In response to its own ineffective management, this government-supported, Clinton-allied, and Chinese-owned company is now requesting that Trump impose significant new tariffs on the competition that would double the price of imported solar modules.

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