It was an April’s Fool joke

  • It was an April’s Fool joke, but we’ve brought it around a few times as well as mmoah the fans find it irresistible, so we’re likely to give it more of any permanent home.We’re definitely taking a look at class balance stuff.

    It’s fresh in your minds. Like I said, we spent a Dev cycle thinking about it. So the fans should be expecting us to operate on those and attempt to listen to their feedback and earn changes which might be better with the game. We’ve had big stuff with the end on the year for that past 24 months, so you're able to probably expect that Wizards in the Coast is planning to have something big and that we’re planning to have something big right together with them.

    Really cool stories and plenty of great stuff into the future.Oh one final tidbit with the console gamers. We’re trying to Buy NW Astral Diamonds have Xbox in parity with PC with the beginning of pick up.

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