Patch Notes: Version: NW.90.20171009a.5

  • Release Notes

    Content and Environment


    Declining an in-progress PvP match will no longer incorrectly breaks players' Leaderboard stats.

    Items and Economy


    Heart from the Blue Dragon can properly be upgraded above Legendary quality as with Neverwinter Diamonds any other artifact.
    Hunter's Keffiyeh: The Trophy Hunter buff given by this item now increases power by 10%, up from 2.5%, whenever a Hunt is killed. This buff not stacks, now expires outside Chult.
    The Maze Engine Campaign Completion now properly allows players to take all the quests they be eligible for a. This fix should benefit all players who previously purchased the Campaign Completion at the same time.
    The Mimic inside Stronghold again properly accepts Rank 7 and 8 enchantments and runestones.

    Graphics, Performance, and Stability

    Sort All Bags once more works properly, seeing that it doesn't crash the map.
    Sell All Treasure not has a possibility to crash the map.

    And you can get Neverwinter Astral Diamonds from our site of MMOAH.

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