Webzen Reveals MU Blue & MU Online Season5 in Korea

  • Widely known MMORPG MU Online recently released its year in Korea. New features include more quests, fresh event maps and scintillating sets for every single class. Let us take particular notice at the one among your Cheap MU Legend Zen oldest MMORPG from Korea and explore its exciting content!

    Imperial Guardian FortBarka

    The mission with this map is usually to collect total 6 Secmicron pieces in the 1st- 6th map and go into the 7th map in which the final boss monster resides and kill him.

    Double Goer

    Here you will need to defend your magic circle from rushing monsters who make an effort to get in to the circle. Every time you enter this map, it will need place in the different world so that it is even more interesting.

    New Quest System & Set Items

    MU season 5 new itemNew quests are added for beginners in addition to mid and high-level players. The new addition of set items is expected to make more fun to your MU continent.

    Goblin Point and Customized Items

    Goblin system was put into Season 5 to offer more various and wider choice of services.

    Users will be in a position to access customized stores based on their play patterns and acquire tendencies.

    Updates Coming really

    Summoner Master Skill
    Fully Completed Master Skill Tree
    Improved Trade System
    New character, New Map and New Event Map 

    Following up around the extremely-enthusiastic fan reception of MU BLUE, the F2P version of original MU Online, may be adding new servers to supply a smooth game experience. MU BLUE has started its open beta in Oct. 28, 2009 ago and after this boasts average of 25,000 new gamers daily.

    New Contents in MU BLUE

    a. New PvP Combat System

    MU Blue offers gamers limitless possibilities to participate in PvP combats. On the contrary to previous MU Online where gamers were limited by play PVP in Vulkanus, in MU BLUE a lot more than 30% on the world accommodate PVP gamers. This strategy is expected to justify PK play and allow more gamers to participate in game play.

    b. Gens System

    Become an element of MU clan and have exclusive benefits! This is a brand new community concept in MU BLUE which places itself above previous guild system. As the primary group PvP system added after Castle Siege, it is going to enhance MU experience.

    How it really works: A gamer reaches choose one from the two existing clans once he reaches level 50. From then on whenever he wins PVP with opponent clan, he can contribute to raise clan reputation. This will further profit the player through getting wider use of clan-exclusive buff, stores, items and etc.

    c. Stamina/Fatigue System

    This is a whole new system implemented in MU BLUE to stop players from excessive hands per hour. It penalizes gamers after playing 5 hours or longer every day by lowering exp or drop rate pro rata accumulated fatigue basis. The fatigue level is going to be reset 15 hours after leaving the action. By the way, if you are interested to buy cheap MU Legend Zen, stay tuned for more at mmoah.

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