Webzen's crisis - the crisis of major Korean MMORPG developers?

  • Webzen a splendent time previously, given it released first MMORPG "MU Online". But now, it faces a crisis - Korean company Liveplex and NEOWAVE who keep Webzen's stock join together and may also bring a hurricane to Webzen. They are now keeping 11.46% stock and that is larger than Webzen's CEO who keeps 6% stock. So the CEO will likely be fired and a lot of managers will probably be changed too in Webzen.

    Webzen has ended the hill since bots and personal servers of "MU Online" spreaded in 2003. And after four years financial deficit, its new MMORPG "SUN" and "Huxley" still didn't save itself. What's the desolate man Webzen? Who konws. But I wish Buy MU Legend Zen things can be better after it's reformed.

    And same task happened along with other major Korean MMORPG developers too. Such as Tabula Rasa Totally Tanked? NCSoft Austin Downsizing?, Japan's GungHo to buy S.Korea Gravity majority. Many on the former famous Korean MMORPG developers have reached crisis. Why did these happen? Does it mean we are all bored of Korean MMORPG now? I think Korean MMORPG developers should look into why and the way to change their game. Otherwise more plus much more players will abandon those boring and nonnutritive games. Furthermore, if you would like to buy MU Legend Zen, visit our site MMOAH enjoying best service!

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