VC Sale in NBA 2k19 from nba2king

  • With the launch of each 2K NBA match, there will most likely be a VC purchase for your name, and gamers will probably be anticipating one for NBA 2k19 which just released this past week. Throughout the sale, players will have the ability to buy the in-game money, Virtual Money (more commonly referred to as NBA 2K19 MT), in a discounted price.

    But, there has not been any information of a VC sale for NBA 2k19 just yet. The purchase usually usually goes live some time after the match has established, but 2K Games have not announced anything.

    If you are trying to buy some VC, then it's still possible to do so through the PlayStation and Xbox stores. The Money can be put towards updating your character's stats, giving you a better advantage and edge on your games as the year goes on. Should you pre-ordered the game, you need to get a DLC code giving you access to some extra VC. These can also be got through the 2k19 mobile program, or only playing and winning regular matches.

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