The craziest thing to make this FoF better

  • I believe the craziest thing to make this FoF better would've been to allow the difficulty to be altered, Get rid of Snoop, ( why is Snoop rooting for a Missouri HS group that's not even my team? Yes I picked my house say what of it lol) And how about Tommy could either be a rival or a buddy depending on the choices you made Mut 21 coins. Like I thought that is exactly what they were going for, but it just didn't happen. Like if you decide to become buddies you work out your differences and he transforms to WR to your school season. If you become contests he belongs to a rival school and you meet at the championship game. Instead Coach Bill O Brian is over here like"Hey I know you simply threw 10 TDS at the first half, but you are benched for Tommy in the title match. Hey look I understand Tommy nearly died on the field and you direct a comeback from the title game by scoring 8 straight TDS, but Tommy is your starter the next season if you don't would like to convert to ability position, which will be some thing TOMMY HAS ALREADY DONE IN HIS CAREER! Or go to the NFL and only get drafted in the 3rd round or something lol Gets picked from the 1st.

    Much like is Tommy over here scoring 1000 a match or something when he is not dying? What the fuck. Alright you've convinced me I hate it over Longshot now that I think about it. Story makes no fucking sense and any hack author (read me) could probably write a better story in 10 minutes. Omg lol that is the precise narrative no joke. I tried to get into it but it was horribly done. I didn't go back for my senior season I got drafted in the 1st round to the bears. I will see whether it gets better but so far I'm carrying a big pass on this years madden and I have been buying it every year since 2005. I really tried to enter it but you hit all of the same points as thought. Why am I playing HS if I get to go wherever I want no matter play. Why does Tommy have no choices with me regardless of the dialogue. How the hell did we get to the College Playoffs when the Head Coach benches the man that's averaging +6 TD's a game over the one who's hanging on to life by a ribbon and has been playing WR in his system that the last couple of decades? I just doesn't adapt to how your playing and the game has already decided what the result will be before you get to the league.

    The celebrations got older the first time they were introduced '09... kinda surprised they brought them back and tried to pass them off as fresh. This is going to be the first season since it came out that I won't be purchasing it. I know I'll miss that, especially playing on line, but hopefully if enough people do so they will need to change. I kind of do expect next gen Madden is built from scratch now. I really don't think that they are able to do anymore with all the programming they've flopped on in Madden now. The base appears to be the problem (outside of just total incompetence out of execs focusing on non-sim soccer ). Now, I'm eager to take a bare bones M21 on next gen when they can actually develop to proper gameplay and naturally make franchise exactly what it ought to be. I'm not buying Madden this season. Hell, I am not even playing M20, I've return to M17. So it's no problem for me not to buy the game before real change happens. It's too bad you had to spend even $5 on this mess. Thanks for your review though. It is gonna be rough passing on Madden because it is one of my favourite times of the year, but this helps my decision to give EA two wagging middle fingers this past year.

    They push MUT so difficult to make money and that I swear they simply get the few people that spend stupid amount of money on it every year and somehow think it's a fantastic idea. It's so fucking sad to see exactly what this game is haha. I had some fun with The Yard last night but meh. Yo my biggest take away is how did they create the super bowl celebration even worse compared to last year. Phew! I'm so happy I did not buy this garbage. Can't wait for 2Ks game in 2021. Goodjob on saving your cash. Well said. Just a re-texture task while they wait for following gen buy mut 21 coins. That will also probably be dreadful. The gameplay is just the same in any noticeable way. Elite pro athletes proceeding like they are in quicksand is a powerful lol.

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