• Sniper7

    Hi there Quarq mod.

    This link http://www.mediafire.com/file/8v26a6v531bmbqj/DP_Graphics_ATI_wnt5_x32_1112Q.7z is DEAD, but I wanna get that package. Can you please reupload that, so that we can grabbin' it in the near future? Thanks in advance.


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  • Sniper7

    this has been the easiest and worthwhile pieces of software i have ever used iam running w7x64 dell inspiron and have not had one problem i have used other driver updaters but none have worked as well as this one 10 out of 10 thanks guys.

    Well halskie, glad to hear that ur rig works greatly, but where can we grab that version 12 of this puppy please? Coz as I know there's only the version 11.8 out there as latest one. Am I wrong, or I've missed something, please? Well, and if positive, please let us know what. Thanks.

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  • Sniper7

    Hi everybody.

    I own a Dell Inspiron N7010 17,3" laptop with an integrated 1,3 MP webcam. The vendor and product ID is 0c45:6480 (claimed to be a Microdia [???], a Sonix [maybe], or a Creative [dunno]; so I'm confused what to say). My OS to date is Win 7 Ultimate x64.

    Problem is that I couldn't find ANY dedicated driver for this hardware on the Dell support site, or somewhere else. Not even in your extensive driver database, where I've found 2 Inspiron models, but neighter has that webcam. Or I dunno if it's just me who can't figure out this...

    There is a generic driver installed by Windows with mostly basic functions, but I am very unhappy with it, because it is very choppy. How can i found an appropriate driver for my webcam, please? Any advise, or help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  • Sniper7

    Hi there people.

    I've just regged in to announce you a translation file. Here is the brand new Hungarian translation for the DRPSu v11.8 done overnight as a payback contribution for this useful puppy. Thanks to Artur Kuzyakov and his team 4 it.

    Since I'm a Hungarian ethnic living in Romania, I've used the already existent Romanian translation file as base to complete this task. Also thanks to the RO translator buddy (DJ Cornel).

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