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    Marks & Wholesale Bikini Spencer Lingerie and Beauty Opens its First India Outlet at Infiniti Mall, MaladBy Images Retail Bureau - SHAREBritish multinational retailer, Marks and Spencer, has announced the launch of its dedicated cosmetic and lingerie outlet, Marks & Spencer Lingerie & Beauty at Infiniti Mall, Malad, Mumbai. The store which is the first outlet in India is located at the upper ground floor of the mall. The outlet will host a variety of lingerie and beauty products including fragrances, bath and body and make-up products.

    Since 2008, when lingerie manufacturers china M&S signed its joint venture partnership with Reliance Retail, M&S has accelerated its expansion across India and now has a presence in 27 cities along with an online presence through leading online platforms

    Commenting on Wholesale Sexy Underwear the launch of the store, Mukesh Kumar, VP, Infiniti Malls said: “We are delighted to host India’s first Mark & Spencer Lingerie & Beauty outlet at Infiniti Mall, Malad. The cosmetic category is seeing an upswing in India. Hence, I am certain that an outlet of the leading brand solely dedicated to lingerie and beauty will perform well at Infiniti Mall, Malad.”

    The store which is spread over cheap lingerie china 4583 sq. ft. is dedicated to the cosmetic and lingerie category for the urban women of the country. The range of products can also be purchased from Mark & Spencer retail outlets across the country.

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    THE focus of Germany’s newest museum displays underwear manufacturer is not the history of grand political ideas or great wars. This is personal.

    Opened in April at the Wholesale Corset LVR Industrial Museum in the western German town of Engelskirchen, "Womens underwear: 150 years of the cultural history of women&aposs undergarments" trots out an array of armoured bodices, cone bras, thong underwear and corsets to highlight what women have worn next to their skin for generations. The exhibit highlights the changes in a society that started with constricting corsets but evolved to see-through panties.

    Underwear often translated into lingerie manufacturer a mountain of laundry for women, who had to keep clean layer upon layer of ruffles and laces so they could be presentable in public.

    The look was all held wholesale bikinis together by a corset, which ideally forced the waist to a 46-centimetre diameter, says curator Claudi Gottfried. But what was fashion then is anathema to modern medicine, mostly because of the way it crushed women's guts and ribs.

    The exhibit makes a point of looking at women's underwear from a variety of perspectives, including the medical one, but also that of the industry that sold the underwear to women in the first place.

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